Rental Trolleys for Golf Courses

Designed by golfing engineers to be lightweight, durable and perfectly balanced, Golf Craft trolleys are manufactured in non-rusting stainless steel. They are robust, space-efficient, and easy to clean and sanitise.

Clients can choose from two-wheel units or three-wheel units distributed with our Dispensing system. We also offer loose 2-wheel and 3-wheel trolleys and electric trolleys with removable bag carriers which do not require a Dispenser System and come with a wall-mounted bag-carrier storage rack.


  • One-piece stainless steel frames
  • Lightweight – most units are under 4.1kgs (9lbs)
  • Weatherproof for coastal, humidity and temperature extremes
  • Engineered for perfect balance
  • High-quality wheels and bearings
  • Support any bag size
  • Wide soleplate for soft ground

Over 650 golf courses and clubs throughout Europe already use our products and services to generate incremental revenue, and provide a great experience and ultimate convenience to their members. Contact us to learn how we can help you optimize your club, hotel or golf resort too

stainless steel golf trolley

Stainless Steel Rental Pull Trolley, One Piece

3 wheel golf trolley

3 Wheel Push Rental Trolley with Brake System

electric golf trolley rental

Electric Rental Golf Trolley